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On the Use of History in Calculus Education

My colleague is currently struggling a bit with how to introduce and motivate the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. So I looked in the essay I wrote for my teaching diploma and found a quote by Leibniz, which is useful, and … Continue reading

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Current status – a reflection overdue

There is this itch inside me that signals it’s time to stop and reflect. Not just over individual lessons, the way I always do, but reeeeaaally think about what’s going right and wrong. It feels a bit weird to air … Continue reading

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Motivating e

Here’s the background: my honor’s class has done sequences and series, some basic function stuff (domain and range, composition and inverses) and some descriptive statistics. During the last week, we’ve also handled exponent rules, equations and functions. My textbook and … Continue reading

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No time to think – the IB way of examination

This is an example of a recent test (with correct answers attached) given to my senior class. The time limit was 60 minutes. Here’s the problem: while I have some liberty in designing the test, I am preparing the students … Continue reading

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Dealing with a job that’s both meaningful and fun – without burnout

When reading Sam’s touching post about his work recently and in the immediate future, I realized that I too have been struggling with managing the work load and my own attitudes to work. This post will be about some ways I’ve … Continue reading

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Winding down: an update to what worked and what didn’t and dealing with test results

Today I met my seniors for the first time since their disastrous test. I mean Disastrous. I think only 20% passed, and believe me the passing boundaries are low on this thing: way under 50%.  I asked them to consider … Continue reading

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Dan Meyer has had a huge influence on my life since I first discovered his blog mid-July. So far, thanks to him, I have: Developed the habit of reading 20 other good blogs Started this blog Spent way too much … Continue reading

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