I am a high school mathematics and psychology teacher in the IB-programme at a small high school in Stockholm, Sweden.  This blog serves several purposes, the main of which is to further discussion on effective math teaching. I believe a few things about teaching:

I believe that teaching matters.

That the teaching of mathematics can, and should, be better than it is commonly practiced today.

That teaching and learning should be varied, meaningful, and fun.

That teachers and policy-makers should pay close attention to cross-disciplinary research on education.

That action research, or classroom experimentation, is fun, humbling, and invaluable.

That sharing and collaboration brings insights impossible to gain by other means.

That effective mathematics teaching requires many  varied skills, and that everybody can acquire and improve these skills.

That relationships matter, and that the best way to form good relationships with students is to give them unconditional and sincere respect.


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