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Winding down: an update to what worked and what didn’t and dealing with test results

Today I met my seniors for the first time since their disastrous test. I mean Disastrous. I think only 20% passed, and believe me the passing boundaries are low on this thing: way under 50%.  I asked them to consider … Continue reading

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What worked and what didn’t

This week, I’ve tried a few things with my two math classes (honors juniors and standard seniors). One, a scaffolded proof of the Sine and Cosine rules, went horribly for some very mysterious reasons. The other, a Binder check procedure … Continue reading

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So many theories, so little time: Direct Instruction

Action research, systematically investigating different teaching strategies, is an important part of my work – and one I enjoy very much. Usually, I find inspiration for teaching ideas in the different psychological theories of education – be they about cognitive … Continue reading

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